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Based in Bloomsbury, central London, the Bloomsbury Research Institute is a joint initiative between the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and University College London, and brings together cutting-edge pathogen research, experimental medicine and clinical development.

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The concept references the coming together of the three areas of pathogen research by literally combining them in a flexible, ever-changing family of symbols.

There are three fundamental compositions from which many symbols can be made. Each is a simplified figurative representation of scientific imagery from three areas — parasitic, bacterial and viral.

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Having created their identity we designed and built the Institute's website, which had to be able to support a large amount of content, both currently and in the future.

The website is designed around a grid system that gives structure and makes content easy to take in, but that also affords flexibility to page design. Built to be adaptable, the website will support an increasing amount of content as the Institute grows.

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