Hawk Yachts


Brand Identity


Hawk Yachts design large luxury superyachts like no other, able to explore the most extreme environments in the world – from the ice-fields of the Antarctic to the scorching silty waters of the Amazon.


Sea Hawk

Reminiscent of luxury SUV marques, the identity is rugged and simple implying the capability of the yachts. Finer elements of the identity pair with this simplicity to convey refined luxury. In this way the identity is designed to match the appeal of the yachts, whose desirability comes through capability and functional design.

Hawk Stationery
Business card

The logo symbol – originally devised as an abstraction of the bow of a ship splitting ice – is purposefully ambiguous, in its final orientation perhaps also suggesting the wings of a Hawk. More important though is its confidence, simplicity and weight, which is supported by bold well-kerned geometric type.

The title typeface Caslon is classically sophisticated and is combined with Avenir, a functional and simple typeface.

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